Quadrant Method for Guitar Pentatonic Minor/Major Scales

Quadrant Method for Guitar Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales

Years of playing the guitar has led me to develop a new approach to guitar scales

This method is called the "Quadrant Method", this method will take the guesswork away from learning and playing the Major and Minor Blues Scales over the entire fretboard.

This is an amazing, simple, yet powerful teaching style.

Beginner guitarist will easily understand the concepts of this method.

Intermediate guitarist that has been struggling with scales, can be able to change keys, without learning a new Key.

Learning your scales takes time from other things, such as chords, progressions, and overall, just playing.

If you feel that practicing scales on a daily basis, just so that you will not forget them, then this book is not for you.

With this simple easy method, you will not forget where you are on the fretboard, also will give you the ability change key scales whenever you choose to do so.

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